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Tips for Using Waterproof Makeup

Tips for Using Waterproof Makeup that is Safe for the Skin

Not a few women who choose to use waterproof makeup for everyday. Especially living and doing activities in tropical countries that sometimes make sweating or even heavy rain. Using waterproof makeup will certainly save more time and energy because it tends to be more durable and not easily fade with …

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3 Benefits of Gadgets for Child Growth

Gadgets for Child Growth

Finding children playing smartphones , tablets, or other gadgets certainly makes parents aware. The reason is, you are afraid that your child will become lazy in activities, addicted to gadgets , to damage the brain and growth and development. But on the other hand, it cannot be denied that this …

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How To Deal With Children After Divorce

Deal With CDeal With Childrenhildren

No one wants to experience separation, but in domestic relations this might happen. When the problem of divorce is inevitable, children will become victims. Unfortunately, not all parents are sensitive to this, ultimately affecting the mental health of the child. Yes, there is a separate way for parents to divorce …

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A Safe Guide to Cutting Your Kids’ Nails To Avoid Injury

Parenting Tips

Infants and children still do not understand hygiene. Starting from the food to the cleanliness of his body. One of them is the cleanliness of hand and foot nails. Unfortunately there are still many parents who cut the child’s nails incorrectly so that he is even injured. So, how do …

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