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3 Important Preparations that Must Be Done Before Climbing the Mountain

Mountain climbing needs special preparation. Because, you will travel far with the terrain which is certainly not easy. The following are various preparations for climbing the mountain that you need to sharpen.

Climbing the Mountain

Don’t forget the preparation for climbing this mountain, huh!

1. Read all the info regarding the climbing place

Before you determine what clothes to take or which camera you will use, the first thing you need to prepare is complete information about the mountain to climb. Climbing the mountain is not like a normal walk that uses the principle of “how about it later”.

On the contrary, this trip is a trip that you need to prepare for. There are some important things you need to find out, for example:

Transportation from home to the climbing basecamp .
Weather forecast on the date you want to climb.
The hiking trail is steep, sloping, and there are alternative routes.
Estimated climbing time so that a mature itinerary can be made.
Mountain conditions, for example the location of water sources, number of camp posts, and regulations that need to be obeyed.
Remember, prepare all the information you need carefully. In addition, do not try to climb the mountain alone or without people who understand the hiking trail. This is done to minimize the possibility of getting lost and a series of other dangerous risks.

2. Regular exercise

Before climbing the mountain, you must do various physical exercises. Without physical exercise, you risk experiencing various injuries.

Walt Thompson , a sports physiologist at the American College of Sports Medicine, states that exercise should be carried out that is similar to the activities you will undergo. For this reason, running sports is the best choice for you. Try to choose an uphill and downhill track.

Besides helping to train muscle strength, this exercise also helps train your respiratory system and endurance of the cardiovascular system. In addition to focusing on leg strength training and body core, you should also do regular weight training to help protect joints, especially the knee, ankle and back.

3. Complete all supplies

Before climbing a mountain, you need to make sure all the supplies you carry are complete. The various important supplies that need to be brought include:

Change clothes and warm clothes.
Practical but nutritious foods and drinks such as eggs, corned beef, cereals , canned sardines and packaged milk.
Personal medicine.
Sleeping equipment such as sleeping bags and socks.
Cooking ware.
Garbage bags.
Other equipment such as wet and dry tissues, raffia straps, flashlights, matches and more.

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