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5 Benefits of a Non-Healthy White Cumin from Black Cumin

Like to eat opor or curry? Well, one of the cooking ingredients that must be there when making these two foods is white cumin. White cumin is a spice made from the seeds of Cuminum cyminum (cumin). Make no mistake, white cumin is different from black cumin (Black Seed) . Therefore, the benefits for body health are also different. What are the benefits of white cumin for your tubular health?

The benefits of white cumin, which unfortunately if missed

White cumin is sold in the form of dry seeds or fine powder. It feels very distinctive, feels spicy and hot like chili but a little bitter, and the aroma is like ground. This herb is quite popular because it is often used in Asian, Indian, African and Mexican specialties.

5 Benefits

Besides being used as a food flavoring, black cumin has also been used as a traditional medicine for a long time. Many studies show the benefits of white cumin for health, including:

1. Overcoming digestive disorders

White cumin is quite commonly used as a traditional medicine to treat digestive disorders, such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, and flatulence. This herb is confirmed to increase the activity of digestive enzymes by stimulating bile to digest certain fats and nutrients.

One study shows that white cumin alleviates symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). A total of 57 patients with IBS were asked to consume white cumin oil for two to 4 weeks. The results showed that symptoms of abdominal pain, flatulence, constipation, or diarrhea became lighter after following treatment.

2. Control blood sugar levels

Studies show the use of white cumin supplements can help lower blood sugar and blood levels of hbA1c . Then, white cumin also has the potential to treat diabetes. Diabetes can damage healthy cells in the body with AGEs, which are compounds that cause inflammation.

These compounds are made when sugar flowing in the blood attaches to proteins that interfere with the normal functioning of proteins. Well, white cumin is believed to contain components that can inhibit the production of AGEs. Unfortunately, there is not much research about these benefits further.

3. Iron source and rich in antioxidants

Even though it is small like a rice seed, white cumin has many nutrients. One teaspoon of intact white jinen seeds contains:

8 kilocalories
0.37 g of protein
0.47 g of fat
0, 92 carbohydrates
1.4 mg of iron

You can meet 17.5% of your iron needs every day with 1 teaspoon of white cumin. Fulfilled iron intake supports the growth of children and the health of pregnant women.

In addition, some antioxidants in white cumin such as terpenes, phenols, flavonoids, apegene, luteolin, and alkaloids can reduce body damage due to free radicals, prevent premature aging and cancer.

4. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

The active ingredient in white cumin seeds has an anti-inflammatory effect. If consumed, the pain from inflammation will decrease. Then, the component called megalomicin also has antibiotic properties so that it has the potential to reduce drug resistance from certain bacteria and can kill bacteria that attack the immune system.

5. Lower cholesterol and weight

Hypolipidemic is a substance that helps the body to control high fat levels which can damage the heart and increase cholesterol levels. White cumin is considered to have hypolipidemic properties. Studies show using cumin supplements with yogurt twice a day for a month, helps reduce triglyceride levels.

In addition, research shows that eating black cumin every day for three months can reduce unwanted weight, waist size, and body fat.

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