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5 Important Keys to Making the Right Content for Online Business

True content is one of the vital factors that can increase brand awareness .

Content itself has various forms, such as photos, images, writing, videos, games, and so on. The content can also be published on a variety of different platforms , such as social media, which need to be tailored to their respective goals.

Content for Online Business

Now, to explore the right content issues in order to increase public awareness of a brand ,

The material at this event was presented by Patrix Tenario (Creative Content Director, Connect Part of GroupM) and was followed by a panel discussion with Sintia Astarina (Creative Content Creator KoinWorks ).

Through the discussion presented, there are at least 5 important keys to making the right content for an online business . Here is the leak.

Start by creating your content plan

When you want to create content, imagine in your head, you want to make what content you like. Also determine how much content you want to publish in a month.

Don’t forget to analyze your content to find out if it really works. Perform content evaluation at least every three months.

The Golden Rule: know your audience

The next step you need to pay attention to when creating content is to know who is your audience. It is important to position yourself as an audience so that you can find out whether the content created is indeed suitable or not

Apply the ATM principle

What is meant by the principle of ATM is Observe, Imitate, Modify. If you run out of ideas, don’t know what you want to create content, or are bored with the content, don’t forget to apply the ATM principle.

What needs to be considered in this case, especially in “imitation” is not to imitate someone’s idea exactly. What you need to emulate is the basis of his thinking.

How can a content creator create such cool content? How can they create impactful content , which can invite many comments and likes on social media ?

Trials and errors in content creation are commonplace. Come on, create the right content for your online business .

Consistency is key

Content creation can not only be in the form of hard selling , but also soft selling . Well, in finding the right content, consistency is an important key that needs to be done.

Because, consistency will make your audience get to know your business products easily. On the other hand, consistency will also provide its own characteristics for you.

Don’t be afraid to show off your creativity

Patrix Tenario says that basically, anyone is a creative person. Therefore, don’t be afraid to show off your creativity, especially in creating content.

Want to make content that is “crazy” even once, it doesn’t matter right? Who knows, the content created is not only able to increase brand awareness , but increase sales.

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