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5 Tips for Producing a More Creative Business Idea

5 Tips for Producing a More Creative Business Idea – In the startup business world , anyone can become a legend in the business field . In other words, anyone who has a creative idea can be successful in business, build a startup with creative ideas and utilize a variety of other resources to be successful.

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However, the biggest creative ideas initially appeared among other creative ideas that were smaller but many in number. It could be, today you have creative ideas to convert into a business, and tomorrow you also have other ideas that might be different from the previous idea.

Among the many business ideas that you now have, is there a great creative idea for you to be worthy of being a business that has the potential to become a big and successful business? Maybe not yet.

In fact, great musicians like Mozart and Beethoven always have great creative ideas throughout their lives. We may not be able to be like them, and therefore, instead of sitting quietly waiting for a more creative business idea, let’s try to produce it. The following tips for producing more creative business ideas that you should try:

5 Tips for Producing a More Creative Business Idea
1. Thinking Like a Creator
A creator often produces a new work that is more innovative, unique, and different from the others. An artist can be said to be a creator because he produces a work that is unique and different from the others, even though the concept is similar. He continues to get inspiration because he is among other works of art from fellow artists.

Artists, who are from one another, always give and receive input, so that they are encouraged to be more creative in thinking so that in the end it produces more creative ideas.

Well, you don’t need to be an artist so you can produce more creative business ideas. You just need to get used to thinking like a creator. A creator generally summarizes the various ideas he has on a list. He always thinks of creating something.

Creating something can bring out a variety of possibilities and can open your mind to something new, so in the end you can bring up your own creative ideas and then become a business idea.

2. Be sensitive to common problems and find solutions
The easy and very effective step to generate a more creative business idea is to de-isolate the problem together and find a solution. Peer to Peer Lending (P2P) will not be born if there are no problems in finding financing for various needs, or even investing in an easy and safe way .

You must be sensitive to common problems. What someone wants to do / get but has a problem in the process. If you are able to be sensitive to the problems experienced by both yourself and those around you, find the right solution to find out the various problems.

If you are able to do that, then you have produced a more creative business idea. Then, change the solution into a business and run it and continue to develop.

3. Sensitive to the Neighborhood
Not much different from the steps above, you must be sensitive to the surrounding environment to produce more creative business ideas. Monitor the environment in which you live; what is needed by people around but still not available?

For example, the distance of a cafe or restaurant is very far from the neighborhood. You can build a cafe or restaurant to become a business.

With the ability to be sensitive to the surrounding environment, you will definitely be able to produce business ideas that are more creative and able to reap the benefits of them if they are well developed.

4. Expand Networking with Successful People
There is a saying; “If you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re in a wrong room.” Look for acquaintances or friends from successful people. Getting along with successful people will affect your personality to keep up a bit , in the sense of racing to be able to ‘compete’ with him.

Successful people have valuable experiences that they can share with you, which can later make you inspired to try. From your relationships with successful people you can also gather a variety of very useful information and experiences that you can convert into business ideas.

5. Ask for opinions from trusted people
If you have got a business idea but are still doubtful about its potential, ask for opinions from people you trust. Their input will be very meaningful to close ‘this-thing’, close the shortcomings that can arise and potential obstacles later.

With these inputs, your business ideas can develop to be better and lack lack, innovative, and certainly more creative.

When you ask for the opinions of others, you unconsciously and they brainstorm , and with them, business ideas that you originally considered mediocre have the potential to move forward. But remember, for business ideas, not everyone can trust you.

Ask for opinions only from people you really can trust, such as family or close relatives, because your idea might be copied and converted into a business without your knowledge, which actually goes ahead of you. Even though the idea is your idea.

Now, by generating more creative ideas, you don’t need to be afraid of competing and don’t need to fear that your business is not potential to be developed. As creative as any business idea that arises, if it is not properly implemented and developed, it will still not work well.

So, while looking for creative business ideas, you also have to think about how to run and develop it later if it is truly implemented.

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