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6 Mistakes When Walking Are Often Underestimated by Many People

Walking offers a myriad of benefits that are good for your health. Unfortunately, many people unconsciously make mistakes when walking. As a result, the benefits offered from this one activity are not optimal.

Walking Are Often Underestimated

Errors that are often done when walking

1. The footsteps are too wide

Most people who walk fast will definitely reflexively walk wide. This is actually not right. Footsteps that are too wide can actually make the movements feel heavier and slower. Your calf and shin are also painful.

Take shorter steps, but with a faster rhythm of movement.

2. Drink too little

Just like when doing other sports, make sure you meet sufficient fluid intake before, during, and after walking. Bring a drinking bottle with you while walking to avoid dehydration while maintaining optimal body fluid intake. Especially in hot weather.

Avoid drinks that contain caffeine, because this type of drink can actually cause you to quickly thirst and lose a lot of fluids. Preferably, choose ordinary mineral water.

3. Wear shoes that are not right

Not all sports shoes are suitable for walking. If the shoes you use to walk are not right, you will be more likely to experience plantar fasciitis , sprains , and knee problems.

Choose shoes that are lightweight but still have soft pads to provide comfort when you step. Shoe soles should also be flexible, so that your feet do not receive heavy pressure when walking.

No less important, make sure if the shoes you wear have the right size on your feet. So, you don’t feel cramped or relaxed when wearing it.

4. Incorrect choice of clothes

Some people may wear clothes too thick when walking. In fact, clothes that are too thick actually inhibit the body’s evaporation process. Preferably, use clothes that are comfortable, not thick, and can absorb sweat. In essence, wear materials that can help facilitate the evaporation of sweat that comes out when walking.

5. Not moving hands

Another error in walking is to let your hands hang limply on both sides of your body while walking. It is best to swing your hand backward against your footsteps. So, when your left foot is forward, then point your right arm forward. Vice versa.

To be more optimal, clench your hands with the thumb position in the fist to tense the upper arm muscles. Then, swing your hands back as hard as you can.

If done with the right technique, swinging your hands while walking can compensate for your footsteps while accelerating your pace.

6. Head down when walking

Without realizing it, many people who walk with their heads bowed because they are too focused on watching footwork or even constantly looking at the cellphone screen. In fact, lowering your head while walking can actually make your back, neck, and shoulder area painful or even stiff.

Not only that, bowing your head while walking can actually make you not aware of the surrounding environment. Yes, you could hit someone or even a building in front of you.

Therefore, walking with good posture. Stand up and focus your eyes on the road or situation in front of you

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