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A Safe Guide to Cutting Your Kids’ Nails To Avoid Injury

Infants and children still do not understand hygiene. Starting from the food to the cleanliness of his body. One of them is the cleanliness of hand and foot nails. Unfortunately there are still many parents who cut the child’s nails incorrectly so that he is even injured. So, how do you cut a child’s nails safely? See the following guidelines.

Kids' Nails

How to cut children’s nails safely

Caring for your nails is not just just keeping your appearance, but also your body’s health. Even though the nails are more flexible and soft, the nails of babies and children tend to be sharper.

Their nails will continue to grow and extend. The nails grow so fast that you have to cut them regularly several times a week. Meanwhile, toenails usually grow longer.

If it is not cut, dirt and germs can get trapped in it and can enter the body when it is biting on the nails , sucking on the thumb or when eating. In addition, his nails can scratch his skin more easily when he scratches.

In order not to get hurt, how to cut off the nails of a child may not be origin Pay attention to the guide on how to cut the child’s nails safely below.

1. Select the appropriate nail scissors

Although the shape is the same, not all nail clippers are suitable for children. Avoid using large nail clippers that are usually used by adults. Choose smaller sized nail clippers or baby-specific nail clippers whose edges are round and not sharp.

2. Find a bright place

In addition to the choice of nail clippers, you also need to consider a safe place to cut the child’s nails. Avoid cutting nails in a dark place. Turn on the lights if necessary.

The dim light can make your vision less sharp and it is feared that it is wrong to estimate the area of ​​the nail to be cut.

3. Cut the child’s nails correctly

Cutting nails should be done after bathing. Because, at that time the nails become more fragile and easy to cut. Cut the front nail straight, then angle it at the edges. This prevents ingrown nails.

4. Use nail moisturizer

After the nail has been cut, you can give it a special moisturizer for nails. Apply this moisturizer after bathing or after washing hands to prevent dry and easily split nails.

5. Wash your hands regularly

In addition to cutting nails, teach children to get used to washing their hands with soap. This is done to avoid dirt and germs trapped between nails.

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