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Although Healthy, Eating Excess Yogurt Can Also Have Bad Effects

If you are looking for good food to support digestive function, yogurt can be one of the right choices. Apart from being rich in probiotics or good bacteria, yogurt also stores a variety of benefits that are important for health. Not surprisingly, many people who like to eat yogurt every day even in large quantities. So, are there any side effects if you eat too much yogurt?

Eating Excess Yogurt

What is the safe limit for eating yogurt in a day?

Yogurt is made from fresh milk and cream that has been pasteurized, then fermented with live bacterial cultures and incubated at certain temperatures to encourage bacterial growth. The process of the culture will produce lactose and lactic acid as a typical flavor for yogurt.

The amount of protein and calcium in the yogurt is no doubt. However, the amount is not always the same because it depends on what type of yogurt you consume. Although it is believed that it is good to keep the digestive system working, eating yogurt still has rules.

Launching from the Detik Food page , Prof. Ir. Hardiansyah, MS. PhD, as Chairperson of the Indonesian Food Association, explained that the safe limit for consuming yogurt is only 3 servings a day.

The goal is that the balance of the number of good bacteria that live in the intestine is maintained, so that it can help smooth the process of absorption of nutrients from food.

What is the effect if you eat too much yogurt?

Considering there are so many good things that can be obtained from regular eating yogurt, not a few people who like to consume it regularly every day. Actually it is legitimate to consume yogurt and yogurt preparations on a regular basis, because after all this product has a myriad of benefits for the health of the body.

However, it turns out that eating too much yogurt even violates the rules of consumption, can have a negative impact on the body. This is because yogurt usually contains a small amount of calories and sugar.

That is why, instead of keeping the body healthy, eating too much yogurt can actually increase sugar intake into the body.

As a result, the calories you get in a day can exceed the amount needed by the body. You can find out by finding out your calorie needs or clicking on the following link

Excessive sugar intake is often associated with various health problems, such as diabetes, being overweight, and heart disease. In fact, even if you have a normal weight, you are still at risk of developing cardiovascular disease if you consume too many foods and drinks that contain sugar every day, according to JAMA Internal Medicine .

In this case, yogurt is included in one list of foods that contain lots of sugar and are high in calories.

The key, choose certain types of yogurt

If you are a fan of yogurt, don’t worry or worry. There is still a solution so that you can still eat yogurt, without having to fear the side effects.

You do this by looking at the type of yogurt you consume, whether it’s plain yogurt, greek yogurt , low-fat yogurt.

Although it looks similar, but each of these yogurts has different nutritional properties and content. So, it’s good to adjust it to the conditions and needs of your body.

If you want to avoid too much sugar intake, you can choose plain yogurt or nonfat yogurt. Give slices of fresh fruit as a complement as a natural sweetener for your yogurt.

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