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Between Shy People and Those Who Have Social Phobias, What’s the Difference?

Shyness and social phobia are often thought to be the same because they are characterized by a tendency to avoid any situation that makes them awkward or nervous. However, these two things are in fact very different and contradictory. What is the difference? So as not to be mistaken, consider the following explanation.

Shy People

What is the difference between being shy and social phobia?

One thing that most distinguishes between shy and social phobia is its understanding. Shy is a trait or characteristic that is characterized by a tendency to feel awkward, worried, anxious, or nervous during social interactions especially with strangers or newly known ones. Shy can also be said as people who tend to feel worried about the views of others, and tend to withdraw from social interaction.

Meanwhile, social phobia aka social anxiety disorder is a chronic psychiatric problem. Social phobia is characterized by extreme fear and anxiety beyond reasonable limits that arise due to daily social interactions.

Shame is a natural human feeling or emotion that can come and go. A simple example of shyness is the awkwardness or reluctance shown by a child when meeting an adult he has never met. Small children tend to be more quiet and stick to their parents. But after playing and getting to know the person more deeply, little ones will begin to familiarize themselves.

It is inversely related to social phobia . Phobias are psychiatric diseases or disorders , which are officially recognized by the world of medicine and psychiatry. Symptoms of social phobia tend to persist and can persist for a long time.

Nearly every person in the world must almost feel embarrassed at least once in a lifetime. However, not everyone has social phobia. Not everyone who is shy has social phobia. Someone who has a social phobia is not necessarily the original shy.

The difference is shy people and those who have social phobia

Apart from the definition and understanding, here are some further differences between shyness and social phobia:

Shyness is an emotion, nature, or natural human instinct. Social anxiety disorder is a mental condition of someone who is disturbed. That is, social phobia is unnatural.
Shy people are usually more choosy, but still want to take part in social activities. While people with phobias will try hard to avoid all kinds of activities involving many people.
Social anxiety disorders can cause a variety of negative emotions, such as fear and excessive anxiety. These negative thoughts will continue to overshadow them longer, even weeks. Meanwhile, shy people don’t always think negatively .
Symptoms of social anxiety disorder are very disturbing to everyday life. Even just talking to the cashier at the supermarket is very difficult, so you need medical treatment from a doctor. While people who are shy only show their nature in certain situations, can subside themselves and be controlled, it can also be eliminated by building self-confidence .

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