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Tips for Using Waterproof Makeup that is Safe for the Skin

Tips for Using Waterproof Makeup

Not a few women who choose to use waterproof makeup for everyday. Especially living and doing activities in tropical countries that sometimes make sweating or even heavy rain. Using waterproof makeup will certainly save more time and energy because it tends to be more durable and not easily fade with …

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Benefits of Essential Oils for Proven Skin Care

Essential Oils

The benefits of essential oils are increasingly recognized by many people. This one oil is often used as an alternative natural treatment. However, from the many benefits of essential oils, is this product good and can be used for skin? Benefits of essential oils for the skin For those of …

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Treatment that must be done after eyebrow microblading

eyebrow microblading

Microblading is an alternative way of beautifying eyebrows other than embroidery . This procedure is performed using a tool such as a pen containing micro (very small) needles in it. Eyebrow microblading is done by giving pigment in the eyebrows and forming like the original brow feathers so that it …

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Guide to Using the Right Face Serum for Maximum Results


Serum is one of the most used facial skin treatments, especially by women. Nothing wrong, various serum products do offer benefits from starting to disguise fine lines, increase suppleness, brighten , and even skin tone. In order for this product to work optimally, let’s follow how to use the right …

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What Cause the Blue Line on the Face?

Blue Line

A normal face usually looks flat covered by the whole skin color. However, some people experience telangiectasis which distinguishes it from people in general, especially in white people. Telangiekstasis is the appearance of small blood vessels on the surface of the skin, and forms irregular patterns. Why is this condition …

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3 Main Benefits of Turmeric Mask for Facial Skin Beauty

Turmeric Mask

Hearing the word turmeric , what first appears in your mind is probably cooking spices or herbal concoctions to treat disease. However, did you know that this typical yellow spice can also be used as a natural face mask? Yes, turmeric is believed to make your facial skin more beautiful …

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Should I Use Facial Toners Every Day?

Facial Toners

Today, many women are willing to do various types of treatments to get clean and healthy facial skin. One way to do this is to add toner to the skin care series . Yes, toner is one of the skincare that is currently popular. However, should facial toner be used …

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Easy Ways to Use Coconut Oil to Overcome Dry and Broken Lips

Coconut Oil

Besides making it uncomfortable, dry and cracked lips also sometimes reduce self-confidence. Therefore, immediately find a solution to restore the moisture back to your lips. There’s nothing wrong with trying natural ingredients such as coconut oil for dry and cracked lips. Coconut oil is good for the lips Coconut oil …

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