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Is it true that Betel Chalk is beneficial for health?

Chalk is beneficial

Indonesians may be familiar with whiting. This grayish-white powder was known long ago as a natural remedy to overcome various health problems. Ranging from whitening the armpits , strengthening teeth, removing body odor , to being mixed into ingredients. However, is it true that all the benefits of betel lime …

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Why Are We So Easier to Cry When on an Airplane?

When on an Airplane

Watching heartbreaking movies or listening to songs is the easiest way to make some people cry immediately. However, have you ever been confused to see a plane passenger suddenly crying for no reason? Or have you experienced it yourself? According to science, there are three things that can make it …

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Sudden Legs Weakened and Numb?

Not only foot diabetes , which is a “subscription disease” of diabetics. Did you know about Charcot’s feet that many people with diabetes experience? Just like diabetic feet, Charcot’s feet or joints also make the area of ​​the feet and ankles the main target. To be more understanding, peel thoroughly …

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Can Broken Hands Be Reconnected?

Fingers are one of the body parts that often experience both mild and severe injuries . Usually the most severe injuries occur when the fingers break up during a work accident. The question is, can the broken fingers be reconnected? Here’s the review. Can broken fingers be reconnected? Everyone must …

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Mango Skin Is Rich In Benefits, But Can It Be Eaten?

Mango Skin

Mangoes are not only delicious, but also contain many important nutrients. Uniquely, mangoes not only contain nutrients in the flesh, but also on the skin. Actually, what is the content of mango skin and can it be eaten just like that? Benefits of mango skin Research shows the fact that …

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Why Does the Throat Often Feel Pain After Crying?

Feel Pain After Crying

After crying, you will often feel tired, dizzy, and sore throat. You also wonder, what is the cause of sore throat after crying? Naturally or not, huh? Consider the following review. Sore throat after crying, right? You must have experienced a sore throat , especially when you have a cold …

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