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Characteristics of People Who Have Type D Personality

Everyone has different personalities. Even twins. Well maybe all this time you only know the type of personality of the introvert (the loner), extrovert (the craftsman enliven the party), and ambivert (loner but like crowds). What about sanguistic, choleric, pleasing and melancholic personality?

Type D Personality

But actually the human personality is still divided into types A, B, C, and D. Of the four personality types, type D is the most mysterious because it is poorly understood until now. Like what, people who have a type D personality. Could you have this personality?

What is type D personality?

Types A and B are the best known personality concepts in the world of psychology. Uniquely, the type A and B personality concepts were first proclaimed precisely by duo cardiologists Meyer Friedman and Ray Rosenman in the 1950s.

People who own personality A generally have very competitive, rigid and impatient, aggressive, all-logical, and very perfectionist traits . While the type of personality B is the people who are very contrary to all these traits. Type B personality is described as individuals who are more relaxed, energetic, flexible, expressive, like being around people, and are happy to be the center of attention.

Well, people who have type C personalities have mixed characteristics of both. They are competitive and perfectionists but also very careful and very detailed, and in no hurry.

The last is type D personality . The new type of D personality was first popularized in the 90s by a Belgian psychologist and researcher, John Dennolet. The letter D on this personality type represents the word ” distressed ” which means stress or pressure.

What are the characteristics of people having personality type D?

Type D personality refers to people who tend to times:

easily anxious and easily sad
harbor emotions and hide what they feel from others.
irritable , but difficult to express
like to dispute things that are not important
pessimistic and easily discouraged
fear of rejection
lack of confidence
Even though many people feel this way, people with type D personalities experience it more often from time to time. After understanding what type D personality is, do you belong to this personality?

Indeed, what shapes our personality?

It’s hard to really reveal what constitutes a personality. Because, humans are very complicated individuals.

Psychologists generally define personality as an individual difference in ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. All of these things can also be influenced by many factors, ranging from parenting, association with the surrounding environment, to psychological experiences experienced during the person’s life.

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