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Come, Know the Signs When To Stop When Running Long Distance

The combination of hot weather and increasingly depleted energy often makes stamina decrease when running long distances. The tiredness that comes over is almost certainly makes you want to stop and rest. However, besides that you also need to know your body’s capacity when you really have to stop running. Because, there are several conditions that become a signal or a sign that the body is not strong anymore and needs to stop.

Know the Signs

A sign when you have to stop running

Following long distance running competitions is becoming a trend. Not only healthy, running is fun. Especially if it’s done in a roll. However, not because of the euphoria that is too high you are ignoring the body’s signals when running long distances.

According to Dr. Grace Joselini, doctor of the Indonesian women’s soccer team at the 2018 Asian Games event, when her condition began to decline, the body will give signals gradually.

“Usually when the energy starts to run out the first one feels weak and dizzy. In addition, it is usually followed by nausea, a weak pulse, and blurred vision such as fainting, “said Dr. Grace in the Sun Life Run Resolution 2019 talkshow in South Jakarta, Thursday (1/17).

Well, when you start feeling these signs, don’t force them to continue running. You must stop and take a break until the condition improves. If you continue to force to continue the competition, you can actually get heat stroke .

Quoted from the Mayo Clinic , heat stroke is a condition when the body temperature is too hot due to exposure to the sun or physical activity with high temperatures. This condition is characterized by a very hot body temperature that reaches 40 degrees Celsius or more, the response slows down, is dazed, and breathing is very fast. Heat stroke must be treated immediately because if it can’t damage the brain, heart, kidneys, muscles, it even causes death.

What should be done to maintain the condition when running long distances?

To maintain good condition while following a long distance run that needs to be done is to maintain body fluid balance. According to Dr. Grace, this can be done by drinking every 15-20 minutes.

“Try to drink at least half a glass of mineral water at the water post or water station . Don’t just take a sip to just wet your mouth because your body needs enough water, “said Dr. Grace on the Healthy Hello team.

When running, the body continues to sweat due to the weather and hot body temperature. The water that comes out needs to be replaced so that the levels in the body remain stable. Because, it’s not just water that comes out. Electrolytes also come out when you sweat.

“Electrolytes are like batteries in the body. So if we run out of battery, the body condition slowly decreases. This condition is called dehydration , which is when the water and electrolytes that come out are not replaced, “said Dr. Grace. Therefore, you are encouraged to drink mineral water or sports drinks containing electrolytes.

In addition, to fill your energy you can also eat healthy snacks that are sweet and contain carbohydrates such as granola bars . The goal is to replenish the energy in the body so that you can continue the competition to the finish line.

In essence, do not ignore the slightest sign that is signaled by the body. Increase your sensitivity to avoid various health problems that might lurk.

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