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Cooking Rice with Coconut Flour Mixes Good for Diabetics

White rice is often regarded as a mortal enemy of people with diabetes because the sugar content can trigger a drastic rise in blood sugar. However, now you don’t need to worry if you want to eat rice. He said, cooking white rice and coconut flour together is actually good for people with diabetes. Why is that? Check out the full review here.
Cooking Rice

“Duet” white rice and coconut flour reduce blood sugar
Not only used as an ingredient in baking, coconut flour can also be used as a mixture of white rice. Quoting Republika , Dr. Didah Nur Faridah, head of Food Analysis Services Development at IPB, said that cooking 1 cup of star fruit (± 180 grams) of white rice by adding 6-7 tablespoons (tbsp) of coconut flour can drastically reduce the glycemic index of rice.

The glycemic index score is assessed with a score range of 1-100. The higher the number, the faster the food raises blood sugar. Based on the IG value table from Harvard Medical School, the score of one portion of white rice is generally around 75. Well when adding coconut flour when cooking rice, Dr. Nur Faridah said the glycemic index value of a portion of rice dropped to 49. How come?

The benefits of coconut flour for diabetics come from high fiber content. Coconut flour fiber is even known to be 14 times more than ordinary flour. Coconut flour fiber can slow the process of absorption of glucose from white rice in the body, so that blood sugar will not suddenly jump after eating rice.

In general, foods with a low glycemic index can help prevent blood sugar levels and insulin levels soaring rapidly. The role of food with a low glycemic index value on blood sugar control has also been proven by many studies.

How to cook white rice and coconut flour

The process of cooking rice with a mixture of coconut flour is actually not much different from how to cook rice normally. If you want to try cooking rice and coconut flour, here are tips that you can follow at home:

Wash the rice thoroughly.

Combine coconut flour with white rice and water into a rice cooker container . Before cooking, mix coconut flour, rice and water until well blended.
Cook rice until cooked.
Remember, keep watching your meal portion!
Although foods with a low glycemic index are good for helping to control the blood sugar of diabetics, it is important to keep an eye on the portion of your rice meal .

Because even though coconut flour can help reduce the glycemic index of rice, excessive intake of white rice still risks making your blood sugar rise.

So, make sure you keep watching how many servings of rice you eat, huh! All that is excessive is certainly not good for the body.

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