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Difficult to remember someone’s face? Maybe You Experience This Problem

Usually, when someone is new to a new person, the first thing to remember is his face. Meanwhile, the person’s name tends to be forgotten. However, there are also people who just can’t remember faces at all, you know. Even this includes health problems called prosopagnosia. Prosopagnosia is the term for people who are ‘face blind’. Are you among those who have difficulty recognizing someone’s face? Check out the various symptoms and causes of this disorder.

What is prosopagnosia?

Prosopagnosia is a nervous system disorder characterized by difficulty recognizing faces. Prosopagnosia is a term derived from Greek. ‘Prosop’ has facial meaning and ‘agnosia’ which means ignorance.

The severity of prosopagnosia is very diverse. If it is very severe, the sufferer cannot recognize the faces of the people closest to him, although often seen every day. Even to the point of being unable to remember his own face.

What are the causes of prosopagnosia?
There are two main types of prosopagnosia, namely developmental prosopagnosia which occurs without trauma to the brain. While acquired prosopagnosia occurs because of trauma to the brain, accidents, and strokes.

1. Developmental Prosopagnosia

People who experience this usually do not have the ability to recognize faces from birth. In addition, he may also not realize his own condition, that he does not have the ability to remember faces.

This disease is more often associated with decreased genetic disorders in the family.

2. Acquired Prosopagnosia

A cquired prospagnosia is difficulty remembering faces as a result of brain trauma before. Unlike the first type, people with acquired prosopagnosia will immediately be aware of the disorder.

This condition occurs due to damage to the part of the gyrus fusiform, which is the area of ​​the brain that regulates memory to remember the face. However, keep in mind that prosopagnosia is a disorder that makes it difficult for a person to remember the face, not loss of memory or even other nervous disorders.

So, people who suffer from this condition still have good memories regarding the experiences or events they have experienced.

How to diagnose prosopagnosia?

If indeed you feel suddenly difficult to remember someone’s face, let alone just experienced a certain trauma, you should immediately consult a neurologist. To diagnose this disease, the doctor will do some preliminary examinations. For example, by giving you several face images to memorize, then you are asked to remember them again.

You can also be given pictures of famous characters to recognize or compare two face images to look for similarities and differences. Several other tests can be done such as Benton Facial Recognition Test (BFRT) and Warrington Recognition Memory of Faces (WRMF).

In addition, experts also recommend not doing their own tests via the internet and stick to the results just like that. The article, of course the results are certainly not necessarily reliable.

Can prosopagnosia be cured?

Until now, there is no therapy that can cure the condition of prosopagnosia. Patients who experience prosopagnosia can be conditioned to recognize someone based on distinctive characteristics such as walking, hairstyles, speech habits, height and other physical characteristics.

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