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Do You Know What Is Aerobic Sports and the Benefits?

The term aerobics is certainly no stranger to your ears. Usually, this term is most often called aerobic exercise. However, do you know what aerobic exercise really is? For more details, following the review.

Aerobic Sports

What is aerobic exercise?

Aerobics is a type of exercise that stimulates the heart rate and breathing rate to increase rapidly during a sports session. Aerobics is known as cardio, which is exercise that requires oxygen to be sent to the muscles that work.

The oxygen referred to originates and is supplied from the heart through the blood. Therefore, both breathing and heart rate will usually increase rapidly during aerobic activity.

Remember, you must distinguish it from anaerobic exercise . Anaerob is an exercise without the supply of oxygen to make you easy to run out of breath and make a rapid burst of energy at one time. This exercise is carried out with a short duration but with high intensity. Aerobic exercise can also be anaerobic if the intensity of the exercise you are doing is too heavy.

Running very fast and lifting heavy loads are examples of anaerobic exercise. The various activities included in aerobic exercise are floor gymnastics, brisk walking, swimming, running, cycling, zumba , kick boxing , and jumping rope.

Benefits of aerobic exercise

This exercise functions to maintain the health of the heart, lungs and blood circulation system. Various other benefits of aerobics are:

1. Prevent and help treat cancer

Some studies say that people who are active usually have a lower risk of cancer compared to those who are not active. In addition, quoted from MedicineNet , a study found evidence that female cancer patients who do aerobic exercise feel much less fatigue than usual.

2. Reducing depression

Regular exercise has been shown to improve one’s mood. Therefore, many studies suggest that exercise can help reduce depression .

3. Control your weight

Just like other sports, aerobics helps control weight by burning excess calories in the body. That way, it’s not only fit but you can also maintain your body weight to stay ideal.

How good is how often aerobic exercise?
The American Heart Association recommends that you exercise this one for 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week. However, you do not have to do this exercise immediately for 30 minutes. Walk fast for 10 minutes and repeat 3 times a day and also meet the recommended rules.

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