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Does Training Children Eat Using Spoons and Forks Must Be Together?

Eating with a spoon and fork without making a messy dining table is natural for most adults. However, for children this is a difficult task and you need to train it. However, should children eat using spoons and forks taught together? Want to know the answer? Come on, see the following review.

Using Spoons

Why should you train children to eat using a spoon?

Did you know that holding a fork or spoon in children requires special skills? Yes, at a young age, children are still developing motor skills , namely the movement of the fingers to hold something.

Well, the skills of this finger generally will be shown by the little one when he is 6 months old. Then, entering the age of 1 year, he had begun to be able to keep the object he held not falling down. At this time the child is ready to be trained using a spoon and fork .

Training a child to eat using a spoon or fork is important. Because, when the child is older, he must be able to eat alone. Not empty handed, but using a spoon or fork.

Which is better, spoon first or at the same time with a fork?

Teaching children to eat using a spoon or fork is one way to foster independent behavior in children . Then, do you have to be taught together?

Practicing the use of spoons and forks in children must be done gradually. Teach to use the spoon first, then replace it with a fork when he is adept at holding the spoon. Why should it be gradual?

Simply put, the food that is first eaten by children is soft, liquid food, such as fruit juice, team porridge, baby biscuits, and rice with gravy. The food will certainly be easier to eat with a spoon, right? So, teaching children to use a spoon will make it easier to enjoy this food.

Another consideration is that using a fork requires more attention. The shape of a fork consisting of two or three sharp edges is certainly dangerous if used child carelessly.

For this reason, children must be proficient in using a spoon before learning to use a fork. Usually children will spend less than 3 months learning to use a spoon.

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