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Is it true that Betel Chalk is beneficial for health?

Indonesians may be familiar with whiting. This grayish-white powder was known long ago as a natural remedy to overcome various health problems. Ranging from whitening the armpits , strengthening teeth, removing body odor , to being mixed into ingredients. However, is it true that all the benefits of betel lime all this time? Check the full facts from the medical goggles below.

Chalk is beneficial

Facts about the benefits of whiting

Whiting or which has the industrial name calcium hydroxide is a compound made through a mixture of calcium oxide with water. The results of mixing these two substances produce white powder or crystalline compounds that are odorless and are strongly alkaline.

The efficacy of betel lime has been known for a long time for waste treatment, paper production and building construction, and food manufacturing. Do not stop there, whiting also has medical uses as an ingredient for dental care.

In general, here are the various facts about the benefits of whiting you need to know:

1. Dental care

Calcium hydroxide has been used as the main therapeutic agent in dentistry since decades ago because it is considered to have many health benefits.

In dentistry, calcium hydroxide is used to repair the root canal and protect the damaged dental pulp. This is because calcium hydroxide has properties as an antibacterial and mineralization agent.

In addition, calcium hydroxide can also help kill bad bacteria that cause infections and make short-term treatment to reduce pain and swelling before endodontic surgery.

Even though it’s been used as dental care for a long time, you shouldn’t use whiting at random. Ideally, the use of white powder is under the supervision of a dentist. The goal is of course that you avoid various bad things that can happen at any time.

2. Straightens curly hair

For those of you who have wavy hair or are curly and are dying to have straight hair , whiting may help.
In fact, calcium hydroxide is often added in some hair relaxing products . Hair relaxing is a cream or liquid specifically designed to straighten curly hair.
Calcium hydroxide can help straighten curly hair because this one ingredient serves to break the sidulfide bonds that connect cysteine, which are amino acids that are mostly contained in curly hair.
When the sidulfide bond breaks down, this process will permanently change the physical structure of curly hair to be more straight, smooth, and manageable.

3. Food product mix

Many people use betel lime to make the food crisper and the mixture more smooth. Some foods that use whiting as a mixture include:

Pickles. Do you want your pickles crisp and fresh? You can add whiting into it. Calcium in whiting turns out to be able to bind to pectin, making the pickles crisper.
Cornstarch. People in Central America have used calcium hydroxide to process corn for thousands of years. They soaked raw corn seeds in water mixed with calcium hydroxide. This process makes it easy to process corn into flour while helping to stimulate corn to release important nutrients, such as niacin.
Sugar. Calcium hydroxide can also be used for the process of purifying certain types of sugar. For example, sugar cane and sugar beet are sometimes processed using a purification process called carbonation. During carbonation, the unprocessed sugar solution is mixed with calcium hydroxide. This process can remove dirt and improve product stability.
Fruit juice. Fruit juice is sometimes enriched with calcium so that the nutritional value increases singing. There are many ways to do this, one of them is by adding calcium hydroxide.
Not only limited to food products, calcium hydroxide can also be used in processing some soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Quoting an interview from Lonah SpFK on TvOne on the Ayo Hidup Sehat on TVOne program, it was discovered that whiting was safe to be processed with food. Although safe, Dr. Lonah said that the use of whiting in food should not be excessive. Instead, use it in small amounts.

The danger behind the claims of betel lime

Although offering health, calcium hydroxide also has a risk of being toxic and can cause serious health problems if used inadvertently. Here are some of the dangers of calcium hydroxide:

1. Poisoning

For some people who are sensitive to whiting, accidentally ingesting calcium hydroxide can cause severe sore throats , a burning sensation in the mouth, abdominal pain, vomiting, bloody booze , rapid blood pressure and collapse. Poisoning due to calcium hydroxide can also make the blood pH too alkaline, which can cause organ damage .

2. Skin and eye damage

Exposure to the skin can cause burns, very painful irritations, and necrosis. While exposure to the eye can cause severe pain and vision loss that can be temporary or permanent.

The use of any betel lime for hair care can also cause burns and damage to the hair and scalp.

3. Respiratory problems

Inhaling calcium hydroxide through the nose or mouth can also cause painful direct and potentially life-threatening complications. The throat and nasal passages may feel very painful and swollen.

As a result, you become difficult to breathe. If calcium hydroxide particles are brought to the lungs, this can block your airway.

4. Botulism

Based on case reports, the use of calcium hydroxide in food in an improper way can increase the risk of botulism . Botulism is a rare but serious disease that can cause paralysis .

Although the case of people who have botulism is because calcium hydroxide is small, it can be a strong consideration so that you don’t process food carelessly.

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