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Measuring Your Self-Preparedness Before Running Long Distance

Nowadays long distance running is no longer just a sport, but has become a lifestyle for urban society. However, do not just follow along, you must know very well the condition of the body itself. Because, long distance running or often referred to as a marathon requires really good physical. Before running long distances, let’s find out in advance the signs that you are ready mentally and physically.


A sign that you are ready to run long distances

The first thing that needs to be done before taking long distance running is to check the condition of the body. According to Dr. Grace Joselini, doctor of the Indonesian women’s soccer team at the 2018 Asian Games event, the main sign that you are ready is to have done a long-distance run before.

“Running long distances is not just ordinary jogging. Therefore, to know that you are ready is to have done the same sport before, “said Dr. Grace in the Sun Life Run Resolution 2019 talkshow in South Jakarta, Thursday (1/17).

According to him, when you have done a marathon or a sport that has equal weight and runs smoothly, the sign is that the body is able and able to adapt to these conditions.

What if you haven’t run long distance before?

So, what if you have never and just want to try it? How to find out by measuring your own abilities. This can be seen from the intensity of exercise and exercise that you normally do everyday.

For example, if you just sit everyday without exercising even to go up the stairs already panting, the physical sign is not ready. Conversely, if everyday you are used to exercising and doing it regularly without problems, you can try this one sport.

“Marathon or long distance running is indeed good and there are benefits, especially for endurance. However, it still has to be according to ability, it cannot be forced, “said Dr. Grace on the Healthy Hello team.

He also stated that for beginners you should try it from the closest distance. For a marathon, for example, you can try it from half the distance, which is 5 km. After succeeding with a half marathon distance, you can increase it to a real marathon run with a distance of 10 km.

“Exercise is the same as medicine, it must be according to the dosage. If it is lacking, it does not provide benefits, but if it is excessive it will also be dangerous, “said Dr. Grace who was met at a press conference at Sun Life Resolution Run 2019 on January 17 at fX Sudirman, Central Jakarta.

Preparation before long distance running

When you feel you are ready to do this one exercise, the next thing you need to do is prepare it carefully. Before taking a long distance run, there are several things that need to be prepared, such as:

Regular exercise

You cannot do long-distance running without thorough preparation. Regular training helps the body adapt to the real conditions during the match. Quoted from the Cleveland Clinic , at least you need to practice 3 weeks before the marathon.

However, don’t push it. During the week before the race starts, you need to recover muscle by getting enough sleep. For that, you need about one month of preparation before a long run.

Drink lots of water

In the days before the game starts, you also need to drink lots of water. Ensure that the body is well hydrated. The Institute of Medicine states, in general, men should drink 13 glasses and 9 glasses of women per day or according to The National Athletic Trainers’ Association. You can divide drinking water into 500-600 ml 2 hours before exercise and 200-300 ml every 10-20 minute.

Food complex carbohydrate foods

Try to eat foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates such as bread, rice or pasta. Foods with complex carbohydrates help maximize energy stores in the body as supplies during the competition. In addition, also meet other nutritional needs, namely eating foods with unsaturated fats such as avocado or olive oil and low-fat proteins such as fish or nuts.

Choose the right equipment

The selection of the right clothes and shoes is very important and cannot be underestimated before a long run. According to Dr. Grace, quite a lot of mistakes are made usually wearing new shoes during the competition without trying it first.

In fact, ideally you have tried it during exercise so that the shoes are flexible enough to minimize the risk of injury. In addition, also use special running shoes that are not too tight or one size larger so that the feet have space to breathe.

In addition to shoes, the selection of clothes also need attention. Do not use clothes with material that does not absorb sweat. The reason, clothes or jackets that do not absorb sweat can withstand heat and make body temperature rise dramatically. As a result, you can experience severe dehydration to heat stroke .

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