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Note, This Is the Right Way to Clean Dental Retainer

After removing braces or stirrups , you are recommended to use a retainer. Not just for style, the retainer has an important function to maintain the shape of the teeth that are neat so that they do not change or return to their original shape. Just like your teeth, dental retainer must also be treated and kept clean. Have you understood how to clean the right retainer?

Clean Dental Retainer

Regular cleaning of dental retainer is important!

Dental retainer must be routinely used every day, both for permanent retainer and freewide retainer. Automatic, there are lots of bacteria, plaque, food scraps, and tartar in the mouth that accumulate in your dental retainer. Especially because usually the retainer is used for quite a long time in a day.

Here’s how to clean a dental retainer

Before cleaning your teeth, identify the type and type of material for your dental retainer first. There are 2 types of dental retainer commonly used, namely a permanent (permanent) retainer and a detachable retainer. While the type of retainer material is divided into two such as plastic retainer and hawley retainer (wire).

Different types, different ways to clean the dental retainer. Here’s the guide:

  • Loose retainer attach from plastic and wire
  • Clean the retainer before and after use so that the dirt does not harden so that it is even more difficult to clean.
  • Prepare a toothbrush, warm water, and non-whitening toothpaste , mouthwash, or liquid soap.
  • Wet the entire surface of the dental retainer. Then apply toothpaste, mouthwash, or liquid soap to the retainer.
  • Then brush all the parts slowly. You can also mix toothpaste or mouthwash into warm water first, then start rubbing it until there is no more dirt left.
  • If necessary, the retainer can be soaked in water mixed with a mouthwash or soap for several minutes.
  • Finally, rinse all parts of the retainer and make sure there is no toothpaste, mouthwash liquid, or soap left.
  • If the stool is difficult to clean, do not hesitate to ask for help from your orthodontist and dentist to remove stubborn stains from the retainer.

Permanent retainer

Actually permanent retainer can be cleaned together while you brush your teeth. However, if you want to make sure there is no dirt attached, you can apply how to clean this retainer:

Take dental floss or dental floss and flossing do with tucking the yarn on the sidelines and dental retainer.
Move the thread between the teeth up and down alternately, until it hits the gums.
Do the same thing in every part between the wire and teeth, until it reaches all areas.
When done, rinse your mouth as usual to make sure all the dirt and leftovers have come out.
Ask your doctor for help if you are still unsure how to use the right flossing technique.

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