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Should I Use Facial Toners Every Day?

Today, many women are willing to do various types of treatments to get clean and healthy facial skin. One way to do this is to add toner to the skin care series . Yes, toner is one of the skincare that is currently popular. However, should facial toner be used every day? Check the facts in this article.

Facial Toners

What is facial toner?

Toner is a beauty product that is water based and contains various active ingredients to help overcome certain skin problems. Usually, this one beauty product is used after cleansing the face and before using moisturizers.

Basically the toner function varies, depending on what active ingredients are contained in it. But in general, toner serves to prepare the skin before you use a variety of skincare products. Toner also serves to maintain the pH of the skin, clean the blockage in the pore so that the pores are not closed, lift dead skin cells , reduce excess oil on the face, and hydrate and nourish the skin.

Is there an age limit for using facial toner?

Actually there is no definite benchmark for how old someone can use toner. But in general, after the age of puberty, around the age of 14-15 years, a person can begin to use toner in a series of facial treatments.

Maybe you are wondering why you should age at puberty? The answer is because after a person enters puberty , usually the skin condition will experience changes along with hormonal changes. Well, that’s when maybe the toner has begun to be needed.

Even so, the use of toner in teenagers must be tailored to the needs and conditions of each skin. If you are in doubt, you can consult a dermatologist directly.

Should I use toner every day?

In fact, you do not have to enter toner as a series of daily skin care. Because, all skincare is basically used according to the user’s skin needs.

If your skin feels you need toner as a treatment, please use it. While if your skin feels fine without using toner, you don’t need to wear it. So, it’s fine if you just wash your face and just use moisturizer.

If you enter toner as a series of daily treatments, enough toner is used 1-2 times a day after cleaning the face. But remember, everything returns to the needs of each skin.

Is it safe to use facial toner from natural ingredients?
I do not advise patients to use facial toner from natural ingredients.

You should use a toner that has been formulated well, with levels of active ingredients that have been measured and clinically tested.

In many cases, the use of natural ingredients often creates additional complaints later on. Because, these natural ingredients have not been clinically tested for use on human skin. For example, the small use of apple vinegar as a facial toner.

Actually apple cider that is widely circulated is apple vinegar for cooking, not for use as skincare. No wonder if the acid content in it is not intended for skincare purposes. For some people who do have sensitive skin, the use of apple cider vinegar actually makes the skin seriously irritated because of too strong acid exposure.

Well, therefore, do not try to do facial treatment from ingredients that have not been clinically tested. Not everything that is natural is good for the skin. So, be selective in choosing care products for your skin.

Guide to using the right facial toner
Facial toner is used after you wash your face and before using moisturizer. After making sure your face is clean and dry, you can use toner for the skin. There are two ways you can apply toner to the skin.

First, you can immediately use your palm. Pour toner on the palm of the hand to taste then toner tap into the surface of the skin.
Second, you can pour enough liquid toner on cotton. After that, pat the cotton gently on the entire face area. The use of cotton is considered more effective for removing dead skin cells.
Make sure you wash your hands before starting this series.

Tips for choosing toner for facial skin care
The first thing to consider before using toner is knowing the type of skin on your face. This is because the toner on the market has various active formulations and ingredients. The type of skin is of course very influential on what toner is selected and is suitable for each skin.

If your skin is dry, you can choose toner with vitamin E, chamomile, rosewater or toner that functions to hydrate (hydrating toner). While for dull or acne skin, you can choose toner with acid content, such as glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, mandelic acid, salicylic acid.

For owners of sensitive skin, you can choose toner products that are alcohol free. Also, avoid toner products that contain additional fragrances, menthol coloring, or sodium lauryl sulfate.

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