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There Are Many Types, Recognize 4 Types of This Color Blind Test

He said, color blindness makes a person only see color and white. In fact, not all people experience total color blindness (only can see black and white), there are also those who cannot distinguish red, green, or blue. For this reason, you will usually be advised to do a color blind test.

Color Blind Test

In fact, there are several types of color blindness tests, you know. If you want to do color blindness testing in the near future, you need to know what this test is like.

4 types of color blind tests

1. Ishihara Test

Maybe you are familiar with the picture above. Yes, the image will appear in this Ishihara test. Indeed, this color blindness test is most often used and can help find out abnormalities especially in red and green color blindness.

This test contains 24 pages, each of which consists of dots of various colors. In the middle of these points there is an image or number. If you have a visual impairment in one type of color, you will have difficulty reading a few pages or sometimes you will have different answers than those who are normal.

Don’t worry if you can’t read a few pages from the Ishihara book because some pages are specifically intended to be read by those who are color blind.

2. Hardy-Rand-Rittler (HRR)

This test was first discovered in 1945 and can be used to detect all types of color blindness (red, green, and blue). The HRR test consists of 4 major sections and the results of each section will be used to determine the type of color abnormality you have.

On this test you will be asked to see several forms of images, such as triangles or circles. Apart from being used as a method of color blindness, this test can also be used to detect a decrease in the ability of color vision to accompany some eye diseases, for example in patients with optic neuropathy .

3. Farnsworth-Munsell 100-hue

Unlike other tests, this test consists of 85 arranged color gradations in 4 lines. The test is done by sorting the colors to form a gradation.

The results will be added to find out how heavy or light the color disturbance you are experiencing. This test is very rarely done because it takes a long time during the implementation process and also when evaluating the test results.

Therefore a modification of this test was made, using only 15 color gradations, which can be used as initial screening tests.

4. Anomaloscopy

Unlike other color blind examinations, this examination is carried out using a special instrument that is shaped like a microscope. You will be asked to produce colors that are similar to the colors that are already available by rotating some of the buttons on the tool.

The examination using this tool is the most accurate type of color vision disorder examination.

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