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These are 6 Promising Business Ideas in 2019

Looking for a promising business idea in this new year?

For beginner entrepreneurs, determining the business you want to go through can be a challenge. Increasingly tight market competition, with a variety of creativity and innovation, makes prospective entrepreneurs must be keen to find loopholes to reap maximum profits.

Business Ideas

Business trends change every year. One of the causes of these changes is the development of technology that has a large role in the lifestyle and consumption style of society.

For example, throughout 2018, online transportation took over the motorcycle taxi market, even other modes of transportation, such as city transportation. The development of e-commerce has slowly shifted the existence of offline stores to shopping centers.

Furthermore, what are the promising business ideas in 2019?

Online business is certainly still in demand because it offers practicality that is needed by many consumers. Even so, there are still many other promising business ideas outside the online business, you know.

For those of you who want to change their status to become entrepreneurs in 2019, six potential business ideas below can be tried.

1. Business in skincare and organic cosmetics
The organic cosmetics business has been popping up in recent years. The demand continues to increase with increasing awareness to use safe beauty products. Even the use of organic skincare and cosmetics products has become part of the trend of a healthy lifestyle.

Even though not all chemical ingredients in cosmetics are harmful, chemical-free care products are considered safer to be used continuously.

At present, a number of local organic beauty products have been able to compete with external products. For example, Indoganic, The Soap Corner, Main Spice, Wangsa Jelita, and many more.

If you are interested in tasting the fragrance of the organic skincare business , you can target body care products such as soap, essential oils and fragrance oil, or other beauty products such as lip balms , facial masks, and so on.

As an initial capital , you can take classes or courses on making organic beauty products, and learn more about the ingredients used in making them.

One of the entrepreneurs who made a profit from the organic skincare business is Martha Airin, the owner of Marrel Handmade Soap from Semarang. Reporting from Kontan , Martha started making handmade soap since September 2017.

According to him, even though at that time there were not many business people involved in this field, he saw an opportunity from the natural soap business that was undertaken. Within months, Martha also managed to sell hundreds of soap products every month.

2. Online classes
Not only the consumer goods marketplace that is selling well in 2018, the educational marketplace has also begun to emerge even though it hasn’t mushroomed. Some of them are the Teacher’s Room and Our Class.

A number of online learning media provide diverse topics. From school lessons to photography, everything can be obtained online from professionals in their fields.

This can be a profitable business opportunity for you who have special skills and want to share your knowledge.

You can teach online by registering as a teacher or mentor on one of the educational platforms . For example, on the ClassKita site, you can set your own class rates and get additional income from these rates.

You also don’t have to bother marketing your class because the related platform marketing team will help promote the class you are making.

The benefits obtained will vary according to the platform and class weight. However, payments are usually made using a profit sharing system with the platform provider or related marketplace .

3. Indonesian specialties
The culinary business trend is the one that experiences the fastest change. Because, innovations in this industry are so fast emerging and varied. For example, a few years ago, the trend of healthy food was in great demand. Starting from a provider of dietary foods to minimally processed dishes, many are hunted.

In 2019, this trend is unlikely to recede. However, not only healthy food will be in great demand. According to William Wongso, an Indonesian culinary expert, Indonesian specialties will be increasingly in demand and shift western cuisine this year.

As reported by Liputan6 , according to William Wongso, Indonesian culinary specialties have rich flavors that are not boring.

If you are interested, you can try home catering with the target market for employee lunches, order arisan buffet, order rice boxes, or chairs for boarding houses or households.

For starters, you can share a meal tester that you make to your neighbors or office colleagues. You can also market the catering menu through social media by using short-distance freight services such as Gojek or Grab.

Estimated capital required:

Food ingredients: Rp. 100 thousand x 30 days = Rp. 3 million.
Gas: IDR 200 thousand.
Transportation: Rp. 300 thousand.
Electricity and water: Rp. 500 thousand.
Others: IDR 500 thousand.
Total capital for operations a month (assuming marketing is done online): IDR 4.5 million.

4. Traditional fashion business
The clothing model is constantly changing, but the use of Indonesian fabrics or motifs will never be outdated. The combination of modern design with traditional fabrics or motifs can attract consumers of various ages.

Before starting a business, determine the brand concept carefully so that the brand you have has a character that is strong and different from other brands . Create distinctive features and maintain product quality to build consumer trust.

To suppress the budget, you can maximize marketing through social media, and diligently attend the fashion bazaar at the mall or certain events.

5. Makeup artist services (MUA)
MUA services are not new, but careers as MUA can be even more brilliant in 2019. The reason is, currently MUA services are not only needed during formal events such as weddings, even non-formal meetings often require services.

To pursue a career as a MUA, you can hone your skills through formal education, such as courses or self-taught.

Even though anyone can become MUA, your makeup quality and ability will play a big role in your success later. Therefore, for an MUA, it is important to continue to study the existing makeup trends and techniques .

Slowly, complete the makeup equipment you have and collect a quality portfolio to become a professional MUA.

Jobs as MUA are not limited to make up clients, after having enough experience, you can also open a variety of beauty classes. That way, your ability is increasingly honed, the account can be even fatter.

6. Business of environmentally friendly products
Even though through small actions, public awareness to protect the environment is increasing. This is also supported by a number of entrepreneurs who reduce the use of plastic.

Reporting from

Kompas , Vice President of Business Development Lima Group, Agni Pratama said that market demand for environmentally friendly products continues to grow. As a result, the environmentally friendly product business can become a promising business trend in 2019.

For young people, using environmentally friendly products can also be a new lifestyle that is considered cool because it contributes to saving the environment.

Therefore, do not waste this business opportunity. Some business ideas for environmentally friendly products that can be tried, such as a variety of non plastic straws, various shopping bags with attractive designs, substitutes for plastic bags, unique wood-based dinnerware, and so on.

Whatever business ideas that will be followed later, don’t forget to keep managing finances well. Here are some tips for managing finance as an employer that can be applied.

Tips for managing finance as an entrepreneur

1. Separate business and personal finance
Even if the business is lived alone, never mix business and personal finance. Make a special account for your business income and expenses.

Furthermore, from the turnover obtained, you can specify what “monthly salary” will enter into the personal account of the business.

2. Make a monthly budget
Allocate every need, both for business finance and personal finance. Make a map of the cash flow or financial flow that includes the source of income and expenditure goals.

Also make a priority scale for expenses to be made, so that if the budget does not meet, you know which needs can be delayed.

3. Calculate the needs of financial goals
Calculate and set the funds needed for business and personal financial purposes. For example, most profits can be allocated to develop a business. The rest can be used to accelerate personal financial goals.

Realizing a row of promising business ideas above is not an easy thing. However, being a successful entrepreneur is not impossible to be realized as long as you want to work hard and have a strong commitment.

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