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Tips for Using Waterproof Makeup that is Safe for the Skin

Not a few women who choose to use waterproof makeup for everyday. Especially living and doing activities in tropical countries that sometimes make sweating or even heavy rain. Using waterproof makeup will certainly save more time and energy because it tends to be more durable and not easily fade with water. Even so, waterproof makeup also does not escape the risk of damaged skin. First read the tips below to keep your skin healthy.

Using Waterproof Makeup that is Safe for the Skin

The risk of skin damage due to waterproof makeup

Waterproof ( waterproof ) makeup is made from special ingredients to block water from breaking off makeup. The most common ingredients found in waterproof cosmetics are wax , silicon, solvents and polymers from animals or plants.

Tips for Using Waterproof Makeup

According to Alexis Comforti, one of the leading international makeup artists, the texture of waterproof type makeup is heavier used for facial skin. The product is also more difficult to clean, so you must use a special cleaner that is usually made from oil.

Cleaning waterproof makeup with ordinary soap or other types of cleansers that are at risk of causing the skin to be prone to damage due to various things. First because the results are less clean. Even though it seems to have been erased, there are still traces of stubborn products that will clog the pores and cause zits.

In addition, cleaning makeup waterproof with ordinary soap also needs extra energy to wipe it. Even sometimes it must be rubbed tight so that it is erased properly. That’s why the skin is prone to irritation and eventually a red rash develops afterwards.

Waterproof makeup tips for healthy skin
1. Do not use silicone
Silicon is commonly found in waterproof cream types. The function of silicone in this foundation is to keep the makeup from melting and fading quickly even if it is sweat or water.

According to experts, the silicon content in makeup can cause irritation, zits , and even severe allergic reactions to the skin.

2. Use one containing polymer material
Polymers are the most common base material found in waterproof cosmetics. Its function is to make the makeup more durable against the skin.

Polymers are safer than silicon, so it’s fine to wear on the skin. Look for cosmetic products that contain a crylates copolymer and isododecan polymers .

3. Clean makeup with a waterproof makeup special remover
Waterproof makeup must be cleaned using a special oil-based waterproof cleaner . If not available, clean your face with natural oils such as olive oil or melted coconut oil.

After that, clean again with regular makeup cleanser and wash your face . Continue the ritual of cleaning your face as usual.

4. Don’t use it every day
A good waterproof makeup is not used every day because the texture is heavy and contains strong chemicals for our thin facial skin.

Use it occasionally for certain events. Maximum 2 times a week, so your skin can still breathe freely.

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