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When Are Children Ready to Be Left Alone at Home? This is the consideration

The business of sudden work sometimes makes you want or not have to leave the child alone at home. Moreover, there are no carers or other family members who can take care of them. Even if it’s at home, thinking about your child alone for a long time certainly makes you anxious and worried. What should be considered if you have to leave your child alone at home? Find out the answer below.

What age can a child be left alone at home?

There is no denying that leaving children alone at home is very risky. Starting from watching TV broadcasts that are not suitable for their age, damaging household furniture, to various worst case scenarios that threaten their safety, such as gas leak accidents or allowing foreigners to enter the house.

So, when is the age that can hold the responsibility for looking after the house alone? Reported from the Kids Health page , each child will be ready with a “house guard duty” at different ages. But generally leaving children under 10 years old alone at home is not the right course of action. At this age, they have not been able to maintain their own security and safety properly. They still need adult supervision to look after them.

Parents have been able to trust their children to take care of their homes starting around middle school, but initially only for a few hours. Children are generally able to be relied on to keep the house alone for days at a time while doing their own household chores when they have reached 16 years or more.

Directing children so they can be left alone at home

Leaving children alone at home means giving a big responsibility to the child. Not only his safety, but also home security. For this reason, you need to train your child’s readiness in this matter.

You can start from simple tasks, such as telling him to buy something at a shop near the house, telling him to buy something from the store further away. These tasks will build courage and increase children’s confidence to rely on themselves in various situations.

Apart from age, leaving children alone at home needs consideration. One of them is how your child shows his responsibilities, for example:

Can complete homework and school properly according to direction
Stay calm and can handle unexpected situations or not according to plan

Before you leave, make sure you tell some things that might be useful as long as the child is alone in the house, such as:

How to lock or unlock the door.
How to turn on or turn off lights, electrical devices, or other household furniture.
Know the emergency telephone number that must be contacted if things happen that are not desirable.
Affirm rules such as not being allowed to bring in strangers, always giving news via short messages or telephone, time to sleep, eat, do homework, and watch television , and use first aid drugs.
Remind to always keep the house clean and clean up the items that have been used.
Storage for pocket money, food supplies, or door locks.

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