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Why Are We So Easier to Cry When on an Airplane?

Watching heartbreaking movies or listening to songs is the easiest way to make some people cry immediately. However, have you ever been confused to see a plane passenger suddenly crying for no reason? Or have you experienced it yourself? According to science, there are three things that can make it easier for someone to cry on a plane.

Cause you easily cry while on a plane

Reporting from the CNN page , a 2011 survey conducted by airlines in the United States, Virgin Atlantic, showed that almost 55% of their passengers felt it was very easy to shed tears during the flight. While 41% of men surveyed also said they sometimes hid under blankets to cry.

There are several things that are believed to cause a person to cry easily while on a plane, including:

1. Have psychiatric problems

Psychological problems can affect anyone. Starting from claustrophobia , agoraphobia , and anxiety disorders . Well, this condition is very easy to make someone easier to cry and the trigger is anxiety and stress.

You certainly know if taking a plane is a pretty tiring trip, right? Yes, you have to arrive at the airport on time, follow security supervision, make sure the items are not left behind, or even wait for a delayed flight schedule .

All of that puts pressure on you so it triggers stress . In people who have psychiatric problems, overcoming this stress certainly needs extra effort. Especially if traveling alone, locked in a limited room with people you don’t know.

Plus the appearance of negative thoughts, such as accidents or other terrible events. Of course, this makes people with mental problems become more anxious, anxious, and finally easy to cry.

2. Not comfortable riding a nurse

Taking a plane for hours, for most people is not a pleasant thing. Chairs and small legroom can cause hips and knees to hurt. Moreover, there is pressure in the aircraft during flight at a certain height. Especially for those with motion sickness ( motion sickness ).

This condition makes a person feel headache, nausea, and dizziness due to eyes, muscles, ears giving mixed information signals to the brain. How can?

When boarding a plane, your body feels moving, but your eyes and ears tell your brain that you are not going anywhere because what you see again is the sky and clouds. These symptoms that make you uncomfortable may make you suddenly cry on the trip.

3. Drink alcohol

Did you know that alcohol can reduce anxiety during flight? It turns out that the effect of alcohol works almost similar to an anti-drug drug that soothes and suppresses the nervous system. However, alcohol can also have a negative effect, which increases the risk of dehydration due to cabin pressure.

In fact, alcohol can make you sleep uncomfortable during your flight because nightmares or become more emotional because they remember things you don’t like. Both of these things might make someone unconsciously shed tears.

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