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Why Do Noses Often Remain When Eating Spicy Foods?

Eating spicy food will definitely make your mouth burn hot. Not only that, the eyes and nose also become runny. Even if you don’t have a cold, you may have to wipe the snot several times which keeps coming out of the nose. Why does this happen?

Eating Spicy Foods

Why eat spicy foods that make nose runny?

Generally spicy food must use chili and pepper. Both of these herbs contain capsaicin, a substance that causes a burning sensation when in contact with body tissues, such as in your skin, mouth, or eyes. While the spicy taste of wasabi (Japanese spicy flavor enhancer) or mustard comes from allyl isothiocyanate. Well, this spicy substance on chili or wasabi makes your nose runny.

Capsaicin and allyl isothiocyanate that enter the mouth can irritate the mucous membranes. Initially mucus is produced as needed to protect your respiratory tract from infectious agents, such as fungi, bacteria and viruses. However, the irritation of capsaicin and allyl isothiocynate stimulates more mucus production. This excess mucus makes your nose runny when eating spicy food.

Then how to overcome it?

Don’t worry, runny nose because spicy food is different when you have a cold. This condition will improve by itself so there is no need for medication. You only need to relieve the spicy taste faster, one of them is by drinking milk .

Milk is different from plain water. Milk contains casein protein which can remove the effect of capsaicin or allyl isothiocyanate on your mouth. While water does not make the heat sensation disappear quickly. Instead of removing the spicy taste, you become bloated.

Besides spicy food, can you get runny nose because of other foods?

Normally, the nose will runny when eating spicy food. However, if the food is not spicy and the nose stays runny, you need to suspect it. Most likely the condition is caused by a medical problem, such as:

Various kinds of rhinitis, such as gustatory rhinitis , allergic rhinitis , or vasomotor rhinitis. This condition causes nose runny nose and itching when eating certain foods.
Certain food allergies usually cause nose runny nose, sneezing, itchy skin, and other unpleasant reactions after enjoying certain foods.

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