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Why Does the Throat Often Feel Pain After Crying?

After crying, you will often feel tired, dizzy, and sore throat. You also wonder, what is the cause of sore throat after crying? Naturally or not, huh? Consider the following review.

Feel Pain After Crying

Sore throat after crying, right?

You must have experienced a sore throat , especially when you have a cold or cold . However, you may also have noticed when the throat suddenly felt swollen and painful after crying, then returned to normal a few moments later. Is this a natural thing?

Apparently, the tears that come out do not just rinse the irritant substances that enter, but also stimulate contraction of the throat muscles. Launching from Reader’s Digest , this is a natural response that occurs when the body is stressed.

Simply put, this contraction of the muscles of the throat is what causes sore throats after crying. This is naturally experienced by people who are crying or feeling deep sadness. So, a swollen throat and pain after crying is not something to worry about.

What causes a sore throat after crying?

Don’t rush to worry first when there is a small lump in the throat that suddenly appears after you cry. This is not a sign of illness, really. This lump is actually the muscles and tissues of the throat that contract. Including the glottis or the place where the vocal cords are located.

The contraction of the muscles and tissues gives a great pressure on the throat. This condition is called globus sensation. Globus sensation is a sensation that makes you feel pain or something that is involved in the esophagus, even though there really isn’t anything.

Not because of emotional factors, throat pain when crying is more related to problems in the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is a system in the body that is responsible for the instincts of “blurring or opponents” when being threatened.

When you are in a stressful and emotional situation, your body’s muscles will contract and need more oxygen. As a result, the glottis will be opened wide so that the oxygen entering the body becomes more abundant.

But at the same time, you may not be aware of swallowing more often and holding your breath to control emotions when crying. This condition results in the glottis and throat muscles that initially widen turn narrowing.

This means that the throat muscles will open and close the glottis simultaneously when crying. As a result, your throat feels choked or feels something is involved in the throat. Well, this is what causes a sore throat after crying.

How to deal with sore throats after crying

From now on, you don’t need to worry anymore when you feel your throat hurt after crying. Likewise, when you notice a lump that appears in your throat, just relax. This lump will shrink back after your emotions are stabilized again.

However, having a sore throat after crying certainly makes you uncomfortable, right? To overcome this, try drinking plenty of water immediately to help relieve your throat.

Not only does it help calm down, swallowing a few sips of water can also help soften strained throat muscles after crying. After that, immediately sleep or rest. This can help relax the muscles of the body as a whole, so that later you will feel fresher and healthier after waking up.

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